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          McCart Education LLC, an organization for international talent exchange headquartered in Seattle, Washington, U.S., is dedicated to promoting the exchange activities in relation to talent, culture and education, providing professional head-hunting service for teachers, translators and interpreters, and engineers and technicians, holding training and study seminars in U.S. for people of all circles in China to learn the advanced education models and management experiences, and introducing American intellectuals into China to promote common development. As one of the best known training institutions in the North America, McCart Education boasts of perfect management system and extensive facilities with a training center accommodating 350 trainees. Our China Affairs Office, located in the downtown of Beijing, takes the responsibility of training government officials, recruiting foreign intellectuals and making arrangement for overseas visits for the governments, business community and other circles.

          We have established long-term and strategic relationship with the American Federation of Teachers and the state governments of Washington, California and Oregon, as well as dozens of universities and colleges and hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the northwest.  With the privilege of our own talent bank, we are able to provide made-to-measure employment service for our customers both in America and China. We are currently in negotiation with the universities, schools and companies in Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan and Liaoning to employ some American teachers qualified for AP courses. Our business scope includes educational training, international educational exchange, Chinese-foreign cooperation on running school, international talent and cultural exchange, educational information service, educational exhibition, translation service, etc. Adhering to the concepts of service, honesty and professional, we are always committing ourselves to the success of our customers.